Sunday, August 14, 2016

One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers

Written and directed by Alan Collins, and Robert Lang. Starring Stan Rogers, Garnet Rogers, and Ariel Rogers.

Bottom line: One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers is a well-done Forty-five minute documentary about a really interesting, talented, and influential folk musician.

I don’t know about you but I like me a good, light documentary from time to time. There are lots of great documentaries like Blackfish or Capturing the Friedmans but those are heavy, man. I’d recommend them but if I’m tired after a long day of work, I kinda just want to watch something pleasant while I’m eating dinner. Wait till after dinner, that’s when then we can get into the heavy stuff.

One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers is about the Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers. He sang of country life as a farmer and a fisherman. He rose to fame through his connection to his audience and his tireless desire to perform. I’ll leave it at that lest I spoil the documentary.

From my experience with reviewing documentaries, it’s less about what information is presented but how. One Warm Line jumps between interviews with friends of Rogers, images of the musician, and clips of him in concert. There was a good balance between the musical and non-musical sections so if you aren’t the biggest fan of his style, the film overall isn’t overwhelming.

Until I saw this documentary, the only experience I had with Stan Rogers was from searching on YouTube for “pirate shanties.” One of the videos I found was an excerpt from this documentary. I made time to see the whole film and I’m glad I did. Not only will I recommend One Warm Line but I’ll recommend Stan Rogers too.

Thanks for reading this short review of a good and short documentary. Are you a fan of Stan Rogers? Have you seen any good, light documentaries recently?